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Officer Jordan Majeske
BPU Coordinator
IPMBA Certified Police Cyclist



The BPU is raising funds to purchase rechargeable battery-powered electric hub motors as a safety measure for the patrol bicycles. This technology will allow our Police Cyclists to quickly and efficiently respond in an emergency to a call anywhere within the city without risk of overexertion. These systems will also allow our Police Cyclists to have more flexibility in how often they are able to patrol. For officer safety reasons, our Police Cyclists usually only patrol when there are at least two other officers on duty in patrol cars, which are able to back one another up on calls in an emergency. With these systems in place, our Police Cyclists will be able to patrol when only one other officer is on duty in a patrol car, thus increasing the amount of time our Police Cyclists can be out in the community. Also, with soaring gas prices, these systems will save taxpayers money by allowing more patrol time on the bikes and less in the cars.

This project is the primary fundraising priority for the BPU. Please help us reach our goal to purchase these systems by making a donation to the Mobridge Police Department Bike Patrol Unit!

Official PayPal Seal

Click the "Donate" button above to quickly, safely, and securely make a donation to the Mobridge Police Department Bike Patrol Unit online via PayPal™ using a major credit card or your PalPal™ account!

Checks can be made to:

MPD Community Policing Programs Fund
110 1st Ave E
Mobridge, SD 57601

Donations may also be dropped off at the address above. Please be sure to notate that the funding is for the Bike Patrol Unit by writing "Bike Patrol Donation" in the memo area of the check, so the funds can be earmarked appropriately. Thank you!





The four videos below show the new upgraded LED emergency light system on Officer Larsen's patrol bicycle. The new system was designed by Officer Larsen and utilizes third-generation light emitting diodes and operates on a rechargeable 12 volt nickel-metal hydride "water bottle" battery. This new system increases officer safety, because it is very effective at warning and getting the attention of motorists and pedestrians during the day as well as at night. Both patrol bicycles have this upgraded LED emergency light system in use.


The Mobridge Police Department Bike Patrol Unit (BPU) was established in 2005 by former Officer Tony Larsen as a way to better interact with the community and to enhance the ability of officers to detect and deter criminal activity. The BPU is a volunteer unit and BPU equipment is funded solely by donations from the public.

A second patrol bicycle was purchased in 2008, with the addition of a second Police Cyclist, former Officer Shawn Fox. Officer Fox was with the BPU for three seasons.

Officer Jordan Majeske is the current BPU Coordinator. Officer Majeske is excited about bike patrol and anticipates having fun and meeting many people during this season.

Using bicycles to patrol promotes the department's community oriented policing philosophy by allowing officers to be more accessible to the public compared to patrolling in traditional patrol vehicles. It also allows officers to be more mobile compared to foot patrol. Patrolling on bicycles also allows officers to be stealthier when responding to incidents requiring the officers to be discrete about their presence.

The BPU is active typically from April through October, weather permitting. BPU Police Cyclists perform full police patrol functions just like other officers, but on bicycles. BPU Police Cyclists patrol the entire City of Mobridge, giving special attention to the City parks system, the Mobridge Pool, the City sports complexes, the Main Street & Grand Crossing business districts, motels, the drive-in movie theater, and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Trail walking and biking areas, as well as at special events.

The BPU currently uses two police patrol bicycles, which are both 2008 Giant Rincon 24-speed 26" tire front-suspension mountain bikes; one on a 22" frame and one on an 18" frame. These patrol  bikes are fully equipped police patrol vehicles with red & blue LED emergency lights, 115 decibel "yelp" emergency warning sirens, 105 decibel electronic air horns, LED taillights, 32 watt dual beam halogen headlight systems with "wig-wags", and reflective police markings.

The police patrol bikes are authorized emergency vehicles, as defined by SDCL 32-14-1(2). Police Cyclists do conduct both vehicle traffic stops and pedestrian stops while on patrol. Vehicles and pedestrians must yield and stop for the patrol bicycles when the red & blue emergency lights and/or audible siren are/is activated, just as with any other authorized emergency vehicle. Police Cyclists may also issue voice commands. Failure to comply with the laws regarding interaction with emergency vehicles and directions of a police officer may result in the issuance of citations for the law violations and, under certain circumstances, may subject pedestrians to a Fleeing from Police charge and vehicle drivers to an Eluding Police charge.

As stated before, the BPU is funded solely by donations from the public. The BPU is grateful to the public for having the generosity to allow the program to expand to what it is today! However, the BPU still needs continued public financial support to cover costs for training and maintenance of the bikes and equipment.

One of the attractive things about having police officers on bicycles is the much lower operating cost compared to the cost of purchasing a patrol car, with regular maintenance and fuel usage. Comparatively, several bike officers can be fully equipped for the same price as one officer in a patrol car. With soaring gas prices, the BPU program offsets some of that operating cost.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the BPU or would like more information, please contact BPU Coordinator Jordan Majeske through this email link or call 605-845-5000. Donation checks can be made payable to the MPD Community Policing Fund. Please write "Bike Patrol Donation" in the memo area of the check to assist with proper accounting and tracking of donated funds.

The BPU also hosts the annual MPD Bicycle Safety Program for Mobridge area youth.


Police Cyclists wear uniforms with retroreflective material for night visibility by motorists.
The left photo demonstrates the uniform under normal light.
The right photo demonstrates the retroreflective uniform properties in low light conditions.



Current Patrol Bike

Click on the thumbnails below to view larger versions of the pictures.





Original Patrol Bike (Used 2005-2007)
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MPD Bike Patrol 6.jpg (1803377 bytes)


MPD Bike Patrol 2.jpg (2060927 bytes)



2005 First Season Photos

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