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Mobridge Police Department


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Officer Jordan Majeske
MPD BPU Coordinator & Police Cyclist




Mobridge Municipal Ordinances (MMO)
6-9-1 Licensing Procedures

No person who resides within the City of Mobridge, South Dakota, shall ride or propel a bicycle on any public street, alley, sidewalk or upon any public path set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles unless such bicycle has been licensed and a license tag is attached thereto as provided herein.

Application for a bicycle license tag shall be made upon a form provided by the City Finance Officer. An annual fee of $1.00 shall be paid to the City Finance Officer. This license shall expire on December 31 of each year.
6-9-2 Conditions of Licensing and Regulations for Operation of Licensed Bicycles

A. No bicycle shall be ridden faster than is reasonable and proper, and every bicycle shall be operated with reasonable regard to the safety of the operator and any person upon the public sidewalks, street, alleys and other public right of way of the City.

B. Every person riding or propelling a bicycle upon any street or other public highway in the City shall observe all traffic rules and regulations applicable thereto, and shall turn only at intersections, signal for all turns, ride at the right hand side of the sidewalk, street, alley, highway or right of way, pass to the left
when overtaking and passing vehicles and pass to the right when meeting vehicles.

C. Carrying articles. No person operating a bicycle shall carry any package, bundle or article which prevents the rider from keeping at least one hand upon the handle bars.

D. Clinging to vehicles. No person riding upon any bicycle shall attach the same or himself to any vehicle upon the roadway.

E. Parking bicycles.

(1) No person shall park or leave unattended any bicycle upon a public street except in a regularly designated parking area.

(2) No person shall park or leave unattended any bicycle upon a public sidewalk so to obstruct the free passage thereon by pedestrians, nor shall said bicycle be parked or left unattended upon any sidewalk so as to obstruct free passage to and from any doorway.

F. Parent and Guardian liability. The parent of any child and the guardian of any ward shall not authorize or knowingly permit any such child or ward to violate any of the provisions of this article.

9-3-11 Coasters, Roller Skates, etc., Generally

It shall be unlawful for any person to utilize or use roller skates or coasters, roller blades, toy vehicles, skateboards or any nonmotorized wheeled conveyances upon the sidewalks, streets or parking lots in the downtown core area, which shall include an area whose boundaries would be Main St. from Railroad St. north to 6th St and one half () block east and west off of Main Street. This ordinance does not apply to those used by the handicapped and bicycles are only prohibited from the sidewalks.
10-1-6 Persons Propelling Push-Carts or Riding Bicycles or Animals Shall Obey Traffic Regulations

Any person propelling any push-cart or riding a bicycle or an animal upon a roadway and every person driving any animal, shall be subject to the provisions of this title applicable to the operator of any vehicle, except those provisions of this title with reference to the equipment of vehicles and except those provisions which by their very nature can have no application.
South Dakota Codified Laws (SDCL)


32-20B-2   Operation on sidewalk or crosswalk--Rights of bicyclist--Duty to stop

A person operating a bicycle upon and along a sidewalk, or across a roadway upon and along a crosswalk, shall have all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same circumstances, except as provided in  32-20B-3, and except that bicyclists must stop before entering a crosswalk or highway from a sidewalk or sidewalk area.
32-20B-3   Operation on sidewalk or crosswalk--Duty to yield right-of-way to pedestrian-- Violation as misdemeanor

A person operating a bicycle upon and along a sidewalk, or across a roadway upon and along a crosswalk, shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing a pedestrian. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.
32-20B-4   Parking on sidewalk--Violation as petty offense

A person may park a bicycle on a sidewalk unless prohibited or restricted by an official traffic control device or ordinance. The parked bicycle may not impede the normal and reasonable movement of pedestrian or other traffic. A violation of this section is a petty offense.
32-20B-5   Operation on roadway--Riding close to right-hand curb required--Violation as misdemeanor

Any person operating a bicycle upon a roadway at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under the conditions then existing shall ride as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. However, a person operating a bicycle may move from the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway to overtake and pass another bicycle or vehicle proceeding in the same direction, to prepare for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or roadway or to avoid conditions including, but not limited to, fixed or moving objects, parked or moving vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, animals, surface hazards, or substandard width lanes that make it unsafe to continue along the right-hand curb or edge. For purposes of this section, a "substandard width lane" is a lane that is too narrow for a bicycle and vehicle to travel safely side by side within the lane. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.
32-20B-6   Turning, stopping, or starting signals required--Violation as misdemeanor

A person operating a bicycle shall give a continuous signal of intention to turn right or left during the last one hundred feet traveled by the bicycle before turning. The signal shall also be given while the bicycle is stopped waiting to turn. A signal by hand and arm need only be given intermittently if the hand is needed in the control operation of the bicycle. Except as provided in this section, a person operating a bicycle shall comply with the provisions of  32-26-22 and 32-26-22.1. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

32-17-25.   Bicycle lamps--Visibility and color--Violation as petty offense

If bicycle is being used at night:  Every bicycle shall be equipped with a lighted lamp on the front thereof visible under normal atmospheric conditions from a distance of at least three hundred feet in front of such bicycle and shall also be equipped with a reflex mirror or lamp on the rear exhibiting a yellow or red light visible under like conditions from a distance of at least two hundred feet to the rear of such bicycle. A violation of this section is a petty offense.


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